Saturday, August 8, 2009

blank canvas

Here's a blank canvas measuring 39 1/2 x 48 inches. It's an old canvas I've painted over so I'd have something large to work on. On this canvas will go this image which is an old power plant located on the Mississippi River just north of downtown St. Louis. I was taking a riverboat ride with my family a few weeks ago and spotted this impressive building while we were slowly heading up river. I was stuck by the massiveness of the whole complex as well as it's beauty. In order to get the shot I had to stand on a small bridge close to the captains deck. I quickly got up there, snapped the picture and then scurried back to where my family was. When I got home and looked at the photograph I noticed it had the words "Union Electric" on the building. It is a power station that supplies electricity and it's still in use today. But the words caught my attention cause I have a friend who's in a band called Union Electric and I thought he might like the photo. After showing it to him and talking to him about it, he thought it would be a cool idea to have a painting of the picture for their up coming record. I was more than happy to agree with him. He said they'll need the painting by October so I'll be starting on it shortly.

While thinking about when and how I'd start the picture, I started thinking about the other paintings I've done that will be soon featured as album/CD art for upcoming releases.

The first being the new record by Bunnygrunt who sent me a photograph to paint taken by the wonderful Jaime Lees at one of their shows at CBGB. This one should be out next month.

The second is a conceptional piece I came up with for the Dirty 30s . As you can see it's a slight variation on the Missouri state seal. Normally you have an eagle, bear and half moon in the center but I substituted it with a guitar shaped like Missouri, a mud flap trucker girl and a possum. When the drummer contacted me about doing something I asked him what the songs were about and he said "drinking, women and Missouri" so I thought those things would fit well and he agrees. Not sure when this one will be out but probably by the end of the year.

The third and last one that's coming down the pipeline sometime soon is a new release by the great Finn's Motel whose upcoming record will feature this painting. This silo believe it or not is sitting smack dab in the middle of St. Louis city. I use to drive by it every day on my way to work heading north on Vandevender towards Forest Park Parkway. It's an incredible farm/country type building located just south of the Central West End. I was always mesmerized when driving by it and thought about painting it. It seems Joe Thebeau of Finn's Motel has a fascination with it as well and our interest in this structure coincided with each other. Not sure when this record will be ready.

Needless to say I've very honored and humbled to even be considered to make artwork for all of these bands. They're all really great and original in their own way and I'm more than happy to help out anyway I can.

now playing - The Cars - "since you're gone"

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