Monday, October 19, 2009

Freud’s cobwebbed poem

About 3 years ago I was invited to participate in a group show organized by 52nd City at Hartford Coffee. Thanks to the great Thomas Crone, I was introduced to one of the other artists, Chris King. While his young daughter played at a table at the coffee shop, Chris and I got to know each other. He gave me his musical background and talked about the tours he had done with his previous band. It was good to meet someone I had heard so much about face to face. Since then Chris and I will sporadically run into each other, usually at bars, we’ll quickly catch up and then be on our way. But we’re great friends online as he’s never shy about keeping you up to date with what he’s doing. Chris helps run an organization called Poetry Scores which takes poems and turns them into songs. To pay for the material issued by this organization, Chris puts on fund raisers and the next one is why this painting was painted.

On Nov 13 Poetry Scores will host the Sydney Highrise Variations Art Invitational at The Luminary Center for the Arts. 44 artists have been asked to read Les Murray's poem “Sydney Highrise Variations” and pick a line or a group of lines and create a piece of art based on those lines. Chris was kind enough to invite me to participate and the line I selected was “Freud’s cobwebbed poem”. Not sure why I picked that line other than it had the word “Freud” in it and I’ve always been a big fan. After a little research I realized this line was in reference to Sydney, Australia’s business district, so I did a little search online, found a photograph I liked and went to work. The painting will be up for auction, like all the work submitted and all money raised will go to producing a CD of the poem set to music. I own last year’s effort, “Go South for Animal Index”, and it’s a great CD and the main reason why I’m happy to participate in any way I can to help produce another CD.

So if you’re free on Friday Nov 13, stop by the Luminary, check out all the artwork and help out a cool organization making cool stuff.

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