Tuesday, September 9, 2008

jesse irwin chainsawing a painting by steve smith of ben bernanke (study)

Here's something I did in about 2 hours. It's just a quick study of a subject I plan on doing a large scale painting of once certain details are worked out. It depicts Jesse Irwin chainsawing a painting from an event last year called Art Attack held at the South Athletic Broadway Club. Last year was the first time this event was held as a fund raiser for SCOSAG and KDHX. The idea is for artists to submit paintings for a drunk, rowdy crowd to judge and if the crowd doesn't like the painting then it gets destroyed. The painting that's getting destroyed here was by Steven Smith and I suspect he wanted it destroyed because it's a picture of Ben Bernanke. It appears Art Attack is happening again this year and this study was done in preparation for what I'll submit once we receive our canvas. If a painting doesn't get destroyed then it's auctioned off to the highest bidder. Last year the painting I submitted was auctioned for 90 bucks. I spent a month painting it. I won't spend that much time on this year's painting.

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