Saturday, July 11, 2009

mark at typo

It's been a long summer, for a number of reasons. For the last month I've been working on this for the Dirty 30s. After finishing that up I figured I'd get back to Jim at 3wk and I did make some progress for a day or two. But that painting is moving at a snails pace and I needed something a little more immediate.

This brings us to Mark at Typo. Mark is a musician who's in about 4 or so bands around town. I snapped this shot when Cherokee St was celebrating Cinco de Mayo back in May. I can already see some proportion problems that need to be fixed. I've been experimenting with gouache lately. Using it to make things stand out. Gouache has this bright, plastic quality to it that almost makes acrylic look dull. I've used it here for Mark's shirt and pants. The painting will go through many changes but those colors will still stand out regardless.

now playing - the beastie boys - paul revere

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