Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gringo Star Trio

In the back of their van painted 2005

at Radio Cherokee painted 2007

at CBGB painted 2012
I was dutifully working on large paintings of Eric Johnson and Shooter Jennings when I noticed Jaime Lees letting people know NPR was streaming the new Dinosaur Jr album so I clicked and gave a listen.  Prompted by that record, I completed a painting I had started a while back of Peter DeLorenzo playing guitar while in the band Gringo Star.  The photograph I was working from is back when the band had a gig at CBGB (STL) probably in 2005 or 06 or 07, who knows now.  After finishing it I thought back to the other paintings I had done of them and decided to post them up. 
now playing - Dinosaur Jr.

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