Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rock Hands part 2

Another piece in the series of close ups of people playing guitar. This one is of Pete DeLorenzo of the Atlanta band Gringo Star when they had a gig at CBGB. Their first gig in Saint Louis was at CBGB. I remember being at home about 7 or 8 years ago and Jim Atkinson from 3WK calling to tell me about this band who had shown up at the radio station. At the time they were known as A Fir-Ju Well and were in between gigs. Jim asked if I knew of some place they could play that night. I immediately got a hold of Eric Hall who was then the bartender/booker at CBGB and asked if it would be possible for the band to play. He was all for it. The band showed up later that night and played a phenomenal show. There was no sound tech or PA, but that didn't matter. The band was a well oiled machine who knew how to adjust to a room and make everything sound right. Everyone in attendance that night was blown away. Since then Gringo Star has played so many venues in Saint Louis, everything from Radio Cherokee to The Pageant and they're still on the road now. A feature film was also just released documenting a European tour they did.

now playing - Gringo Star

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