Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, Old Art

It’s a new year but the first two shows I’m involved with this month are using old pieces that were completed years ago.

The first one, entitled “The Shape of Man”, is the brainchild of Amy VanDonsel and Chris King. This group show will bring together many artists I admire, including Kevin Belford, Jon Cournoyer, Robert Goetz, David Langley, B.J. Vogt and Eric Woods, to name a few. The show will explore the shape men are in. A companion show, “The Shape of Wo/Man”, is scheduled for sometime in 2013. I was surprised to be invited to this show but very honored as well, although I have nothing new to contribute. That doesn’t matter though, Chris has a drawing of Barack Obama I gave him back in 2008 and with my blessing he has submitted that as my contribution. The drawing was left over from a solo show I had at Fort Gondo in Aug of 2008. The show was about presidential politics and how money was at the root of all the problems in our political system. Drawings of both presidential candidates was on display. I ended up giving the drawing to Chris because he’s the only person I know who has ever talked to Barack Obama one on one.

“The Shape of a Man”
Art exhibit and chapbook release
Mad Art Gallery
2727 So. 12th Street, St. Louis

7-11 p.m. January 6, 2012

New work by Amy VanDonsel.
Poetry chapbook by Chris King.

Poetry performance with musical guests.
Additional manly art by:

Oscar Alvarez, Kevin Belford, Ron Buechele, Jon Cournoyer, George D. Davidson III Charles and Chalot Douglas-Book, Dr. Andrew Dykeman, Fred Friction, Matt Fuller, Robert Goetz, Kim Humphries, Chris King, Noah Kirby, David Langley, Sandra Marchewa, Hap Phillips, Stefene Russell, Dana Smith, B.J. Vogt, Eric Woods and the late Hunter Brumfield III.

Also, one exemplary man – Hap Phillips – will be exhibited.
Potluck provided by men who cook.

The second show, scheduled a week later will be a solo show at Fort Gondo.

Southtown Famous
Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts
3151 Cherokee St
Sat. Jan 14, 2012

Dana Smith’s second solo exhibition at Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts entitled "Southtown Famous" continues his longstanding interest in the underground music scene in Saint Louis. Starting off what will be Fort Gondo's 10th anniversary since opening, "Southtown Famous" will bring together a collection of acrylic paintings from the last seven years chronicling the often forgotten, exciting aspect of local bands painted in a simple and direct aesthetic that reflects an urgency the musicians inspire.

Live music by special guest .e

Dana Smith, a self-taught painter, was initially inspired by getting to know other artists while traveling the West Coast as a sponsored skateboarder in the early '90s. He has been a resident of Saint Louis since 1997, where he played in a variety of underground bands including Cloister, The Baysayboos and The Wormwood Scrubs. He has also contributed work to locally-based Internet radio station,, and

now playing - The Gourds

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