Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Black Angels at the Old Rock House

This year has been a busy one. It started off with a large painting for Union Electric's new 7 inch single "Tunnels". Then it was onto three pieces for the Royale and once those were completed in Aug it continued with paintings for the Old Rock House. So far two have been completed of Black Francis and St. Vincent. The one above is currently being worked on from the Black Angels show back in Oct. The show was really great but I wished I had wore ear plugs. It was a little difficult to get a good shot of the band but I think this will work out. Future paintings for the Old Rock House include Mike Doughty, Mickey Hart and Eric Johnson. Because of this activity not much of the usual pieces on local musicians or buildings have been accomplished. But that's just as well, it's good to keep busy.

A few weeks ago I ran into my friend Galen at the City Diner on N. Grand Blvd. Galen is a good friend who use to run Radio Cherokee along with David Early and he also operates Fort Gondo. While catching up over lunch he reminded me that 2012 will be the 10th anniversary of Fort Gondo being open and said he'd like to invite back artists who had shown there over the years. He then mentioned January was all mine if I was interested. I couldn't believe it, absolutely I was interested. The only thing though, I wouldn't have much time to complete any new paintings. I do have one piece started of J.J. Hamon from the band Magic City that I can have done by Jan. Add this to all the other paintings of musicians I've done over the last seven years and we have a show.

Southtown Famous
Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts
3151 Cherokee St
Sat. Jan 14, 2012

Dana Smith’s second solo exhibition at Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts entitled Southtown Famous continues his longstanding interest in the underground music scene in Saint Louis. Southtown Famous will bring together a collection of acrylic paintings from the last seven years chronicling the often forgotten, exciting aspect of local bands painted in a simple and direct aesthetic that reflects an urgency the musicians inspire.

Live music by .e

Dana Smith, a self-taught painter, was initially inspired by getting to know other artists while traveling the West Coast as a sponsored skateboarder in the early '90s. He has been a resident of Saint Louis since 1997, where he played in a variety of underground bands including Cloister, The Baysayboos and The Wormwood Scrubs. He has also contributed work to locally-based Internet radio station,, and

now playing - Bunnygrunt - "Southtown Famous"

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