Sunday, June 1, 2014


Prints of selected paintings are now available through Big Cartel for safe and secure online purchasing.  These have been a long time coming and I’m grateful to everyone’s help in making it a reality.

Probably the print I’m most excited about is of Frederick’s Music Lounge.  Most people remember Fred’s as a local hangout for musicians and artists from the early to mid-aughts.  Originally owned by Frederick Boettcher Sr. and had an interesting life of its own under his ownership, it was passed down to his children and ran by his son Fred Friction along with the wonderful Paul Stark.  It quickly became the clubhouse for many of us involved with the local music scene.  Many late nights were spent listening and playing music in the downstairs area and it’s missed tremendously.  It’s impossible to overstate its impact on the music community but eventually it had to close down.  Before it closed I snapped a photo one snowy night and created a painting of it.  John Wendland saw the painting and inquired about purchasing it.  At the time my studio was located in the basement of a building on the corner of Cherokee and Compton.  The building housed Typo Café ran by Tim Rakel and Robert Strasser, next door to that was the Tin Ceiling Theatre Company.  I would be busy painting away in the basement while actors rehearsed their lines upstairs and people enjoyed coffee and tea in the wireless free café (no internet connect on purpose).  We’d have monthly art shows in the café and enjoyed the general low-key aspect of the area.  This is where John met me to pick up the Frederick’s painting.  And like that he was gone, carrying the painting off to his car and I haven’t seen it since. 

Fast forward to today and thanks to Karl Haglund, I’ve finally figured out how to get nice quality prints made up of paintings.  Out of the blue I received and email from the great Rick Wood who said he’d be happy to help get a hi-quality photograph of the Frederick’s painting for me and with John’s permission, I had a jpg to work with for the prints.  In addition to the Frederick’s prints I also have a few other paintings available as well in print form.  “Maximum Effort at CBGBs”, “Pinball at CBGBs”, “Vintage Vinyl” and soon there will be “Old Capital Square Dance Club at 2720 Cherokee”.  The prints are shipped without a frame in a secure tube via the US postal service.  The more prints that sell, the more paintings I can have made into prints.  Also, special thanks to Steve Nagy (does great work and can be contacted at and Elly Smith for help with photographing the paintings.

One last thing.  Along with the prints is one other item, a postcard.  The postcard is of the painting of the Buttery.  The original painting was donated to a special event last year, Bob Reuter’s Memorial.  The money raised from the painting was given to his foundation, the Cowboy Angel Foundation.  With Bob in mind, I am offering the postcard for $3.00 ($2.00 shipping) and all money raised will be given directly to his foundation.  We all miss Bob tremendously.

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