Sunday, December 1, 2013

Art Miami 2013

A few months back, an amazing opportunity presented itself. I was contacted by Alicia LaChance from Hoffman LaChance Contemporary and invited to participate in Art Miami. Alicia had submitted the gallery as a presenter at Aqua Art and was gathering a number of artists together to help represent the gallery. I was thrilled to be invited and jumped at the chance to participate. She asked about smaller, newer works that I could send down to Miami. I was at a loss mainly due to the good year I had. Virtually every painting I had completed this year had sold, except for one. This didn’t leave me with many options for sending down recent works. I decided to include the pieces I had done for the Tower Groove Records subscription series. These were small and fairly recent, completed in Dec of 2012. I thought I might have time to complete two new small pieces and started on them. One of the band Demonlover playing at the Heavy Anchor and another of a special live performance at Laumeier Sculpture Park featuring Arrington de Dionyso, Thollem McDonas, and Eric Hall. I was able to complete the Laumeier Park one in time to be sent down for the show, pictured above.

The thought of being part of a such a huge art fair is mind blowing and I greatly appreciate everything Alicia LaChance and Michael Hoffman have done. This list of artists showing works includes John Phillip Abbott,
 Michael Behle,

, ,,,,,,,
Christopher Burch,
David Carter,
Jon Cournoyer, Michael Hoffman, Kahlil Irving,
Jeffrey Cortland Jones,
Kit Keith,
Ron Laboray,
Alicia LaChance,

Alicia LaChance - New Village
Robert Longyear,

Benjamin Lowder,
Paquet Christopher,
Jeremy Rabus
Danielle Spradley


To be part of this group is humbling. 

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