Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Poetry Scores 8th Art Invitational

Friday, Nov. 9 from 7-10 p.m. at Mad Art Gallery, 2727 So. 12th St. in Soulard.  Poetry Scores presents 50 artists visually interpreting Andreas Embirikos’ poem “Phantom of the Dreams’ Origin”.

 For the last few months the idea of doing some linoleum prints was appealing to me for some reason. Not sure why, but that’s what my mind was on. I came up with a plan to do a small series of four film directors, Stanley Kubrick, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese and David Lynch. After a quick powwow with my old high school pal Eric Woods of the world famous Firecracker Press, I was off and running with my first print. In the midst of all that I got the reminder that the next Poetry Scores event was coming up and I had committed myself to a portrait of the event’s feature poet, Andreas Embirikos. So instead of painting an individual painting of the poet, I decided to exploit my new self-driven obsession of doing linoleum prints and print his portrait. The result is fine. I did two different cuts, on the second cut I used a few different colors. There are a total of 38 prints and they’ll all be available at the event along with art from other artists listed below.
Hannah Bailey
Kevin Belford
James Blackwood
Jeff Brawn
Hunter Brumfield III
Dail Chambers
Bill Christman
Jen Collins
Jon Cournoyer
Heather Corley
Mikey Davidson
Deb Douglas
Dr. Andrew Dykeman
Jennifer Saenz Dykeman
Julie Evanoff
Thom Fletcher
Flowers to the People
Marth Rose Green
Paul Hartman
Sue Hartman
JoAnn Houle
Alexa Hoyer
Rick Jordan
Chris King
Leyla Fern King
Julie Malone
Tim McAvin
MSTR Gringo
Carmelita Nunez
Mike Pagano
Hap Phillips
Thomas Plunk
John Pruitt
Jeremy Rabus
Tony Renner
Kim Keek Richardson
Cindy Royal
Stefene Russell
Lorna Scobie
C. Scott
Janiece Senn
Derek Simmons
Dana Smith
Robin Street-Morris
Brian Styles
Mark Swain
Andrew Torch
Ipek Tuna
Wayne St. Wayne
Jess Witte
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