Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mike Doughty at the Old Rock House

A couple weeks ago I was walking around the Loop area on Delmar and I happen to pass Subterranean Books. I looked in the window and saw my old friend Rob Levy. I first met Rob 14 years ago at the Fox Theatre. Little did I know I had just met someone who will always have a keen pulse on what's going on in popular culture, past, present and future. Rob's biggest claim to fame is his awesome radio show, Juxaposition on KDHX Wed nights from 7pm-9pm. Always ahead of the curve when it comes to new music or even old music.

I walked into the book store to say hello. He was on his way out so he could do his radio show. We talked for a bit and walked around the store. Out of the blue he said "Mike Doughty has a new book out" and pointed right to it. And sure enough there was a book sitting there with the words "The Book of Drugs, A Memoir, Mike Doughty". I was taken back because I had been thinking about Mike Doughty lately, but I didn't tell anyone this. I blurted out to Rob, "I'm actually painting his picture right now but don't know much about him". When weird little things like that happen, I take notice and bought the book. Rob and I said our goodbyes and he headed out to do his radio show and I went back out onto the Delmar sidewalk and wondered what weird little thing will happen next.

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