Sunday, September 26, 2010

Galen Gondolfi at Cherokee and Compton

On Friday Nov 5 I'll be having an opening of new acrylic paintings at Hoffman LaChance Contemporary in Maplewood, MO. The show, titled "One Night Plays", will be large and small scale paintings of musicians, most of whom live or perform in St. Louis. The work in progress above is the last painting I'll be doing for this series. It's of Galen Gondolfi playing the drums at an art show I put on back in March at a temporary gallery called Insurance. For as long as I've know him, Galen has always been a burst of energy. He's an artist always creating and always moving forward. The impact he's had on his community is immeasurable. In addition to Galen there will be paintings of Mark Stephens, Tony Renner, Lou Whitney, Darin Gray, Mark Early, Dottie Georges, Tim Rakel and William Morris. Plus a number of works from my small paper series, also of musicians, will all be on view for this show. Many of these works were painted this year and have never been shown publicly.
now playing - The National

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