Thursday, March 4, 2010

Torque Fest

So, I have this old friend who I know as Tony. The first time I met Tony we ended up causing some trouble in a small Southeast Missouri town. Since then we’ve been through a lot together, including playing in a band. But now we’re both older and wiser and we have our own families. I live in St. Louis MO and he lives in Davenport, IA and we rarely see each other. He does a lot of traveling for his job and I very seldom leave the city limits. However he invited me to participate in his latest endeavor called Torque Fest. I’m completely out of the loop when it comes to classic cars and things like that but Tony is all hip to them and travels to many shows. He also produces his own videos of shows from around the world called Vintage Torque. He’s pulling all of this together for a vintage car festival that I hope becomes a yearly thing in Iowa called Torque Fest.

What is Torque Fest? Well, I believe it’s going to be a cool thing where you can bring your vintage hot rod and show people what the vehicle can do on a dirt track. Apparently a lot of vintage car shows don’t have demonstrations, you just basically see the car sitting there or driving slowly, but at Torque Fest they’ll be, well, Torquing it up! In addition to the car show there will also be a slew of bands performing and an art show which is where I come in. Tony has selected a variety of artists (including skateboard legend Steve Caballero) to participate in the art show. He has sent all the artists a Malibu Surfer Hat (hard plastic replica of a World War I helmet) to paint on. These helmets will be displayed and auctioned off at the event. The photo above is the helmet I’m working on.

The point of all this? Very Important. To raise money for this little girl.

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Vintage Torque said...

wow - thanks man - You are truly a friend.......
I am surprised you did not tell the world that 1 of your first memories of me was pushing little kids down at the roller skating rink!
ha - good times indeed. Your helmet is amazing - MUST be seen in person to be appreciated. Is it wrong to not auction this one off?
Later man
Love ya