Sunday, October 12, 2008

N. Nomurai at the Way Out Club

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in an event put on by an organization called "Poetry Scores". This organization puts together poetry books, films and CDs. Periodically they hold events to raise funds for these projects and that brings us to why I'm painting this picture. Eric Hall nabbed the winning bid for the "Dana Smith paints your band performing live" at the 2008 Experiential Auction.

I've done a few paintings of Eric Hall and so it's a pleasure to do one more and for a good cause. Last week I made it out to the Way Out Club for a performance by Eric's latest band - N. Nomurai. I had yet to hear N. Nomurai live though I had listened to the tunes on myspace so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. When they started, one word came to my mind, Power. The group is powerful and I think this has to do with having 2 bass players, especially added with the drums.

I sat down in front on stage left and took some shots. When I'm shooting film, I have no idea how the pictures will turn out. I constantly change the settings and click away. The main thing I try to concentrate on is composition. If you get a good composition then everything else will fall into place.

The photograph I'm working with turned out pretty good. I like how the bass player on the right side anchors the painting. The drummer is caught in good action and Eric is ever in control with his hand guiding the chaos the group is producing. The background has been interesting to work with as well. So much black that will eventually be filled up with white writing. And I love the red wash that is over Eric and the other bass player, that will make for an interesting image.

This painting may take a while to complete.

now playing - Bob Dylan - "tell tale signs"

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