Sunday, June 22, 2008

Eat Rite

Eat Rite

Currently working on this painting of a restaurant, diner, greasy spoon as they say, called Eat Rite. Which is located on Chouteau and 7th, or is that Broadway? One of those.

Eat Rite is an all night diner type place where you can get a good cheeseburger at 4 in the morning for a good price, if you want. This piece will be part of a trilogy that includes paintings of The Buttery and Courtesy.

It's just, I don't know, something you paint cause it's cool and it's there, you know?

The painting still has a long way to go. It was started a few months back and I've been slowly adding to it, but lately it's been giving me some static. The photo I'm working from isn't that great so that probably has a little bit to do with it. It's got a lot of weird shadows in it, so I'm trying to figure those out and just kind of stumble through it. There are clearly things that need to be changed but it's too far along to go back now. I'll just continue and make due best I can.

now listening to - Kingsbury Manx - "Fast Rise and Fall of the South"


Tony Renner said...

i dunno, dana, looks pretty dang good to me!

-- tony renner

Dana Smith said...

turned out ok, this one was a keeper...